World Heritage Journeys of the Silk Road

· August 23, 2021

The World Heritage Journeys of the Silk Road 10-week virtual training program for tourism area and World Heritage authorities in Central Asia. This program builds on the results from the sustainable tourism planning and management capacity building workshop that brought together tourism and cultural heritage authorities from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. The workshop, which took place on 24-25 of April 2019, introduced participants to UNESCO’s World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme and the tools necessary to conserve cultural and natural heritage of Outstanding Universal Value. This Virtual Training program will build on these learnings by reuniting World Heritage and tourism authorities from the participating countries to work together to learn how to better manage sustainable tourism, how to recover and prepare for the return of tourism in the era of COVID-19, and to develop a series of cross-border itineraries that are hosted on UNESCO sustainable tourism platform – World Heritage Journeys.

Each week, participants will be invited to access the following learning content and for each of the ten topics found in the UNESCO World Heritage Sustainable Tourism Toolkit and described in the table below.  All content will be available in English and Russian.

Each of the 10 Learning Sessions will include:

  • 1 hour recorded learning video presentation
  • 45-minute recorded video interview with a WH Sustainable Tourism Case Study
  • Monthly webinars with participants around specific topics
  • Links and files to show examples of best practices
  • Templates to help develop output exercises
  • Weekly assignment designed to turn learning into practice and collect information for the World Heritage Journeys website and the Cross-border itineraries
  • Technical assistance to support your questions and completion of monthly output exercises
  • Live Zoom Session with instructor, UNESCO project team, and participants from the other participating countries to discuss the learning topic and explain monthly assignment instructions
  • Quiz to measure understanding of the learning topic

Between sessions, participants will be asked to complete assignments designed to both put learning into practice but also collect the necessary information to develop the cross-border itineraries and content for the World Heritage Journeys Platform. Expert instructors and content writers will assist participants through these exercises. Participants will also be invited to monthly webinars designed to showcase best practices and opportunities for the Silk Road Tourism Development.

The objectives of this learning program include:

  • Increasing sustainable travel to the Silk Road region with benefits accruing to local communities and actions supporting heritage protection.
  • Improving capacity of key World Heritage and tourism area stakeholders to implement sustainable tourism planning and visitor management solutions and create and promote authentic tourism products and services.
  • Foster regional integration and transboundary tourism development and promotion through increased networking and the creation of at the World Heritage Journey’s platform.

Participation in this course is via invite only. If you believe you are an invited participant but have yet to receive an invite, please email [email protected]

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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons
  • 29 Topics