TEDQUAL Certification Assistance for Higher Education

The UNWTO TEDQUAL Programme aims to improve the quality of the tourism education, training and research programmes. The UNWTO Academy and Solimar International will assist tourism higher education programmes by facilitating this process and assisting them with  navigating each step of the TedQual certification process.
· February 24, 2021

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UNWTO TedQual Certification for Higher Education Institutions with Tourism Related Programs


What is the UNWTO TedQual Certification Training Program?

This online UNWTO TedQual Certification Training Program by Solimar International is aimed at facilitating the continual improvement of tourism related education, training and research programmes through adherence to a set of minimum quality standards. Join international expert in tourism policy, strategic planning, workforce development and management education, Dr. Don Hawkins the Chairman of Solimar International, for a 5-month online professional and organizational training program designed to help your education institution to meet international standards of quality, in terms of results realized in each of the processes, sub-processes and procedures. This program was developed in collaboration with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and UNWTO Academy, and is designed to develop standardization in terms of management, structure and organization using a  quality assurance approach. The learning content and outputs are based on the 6 areas with 107 criteria requested for TedQual Certification developed by the UNWTO Academy.


What will I learn?

Topics covered in this program include:

  • Understanding of the UNWTO TedQual accreditation process and its potential significance
  • Completion of the UNWTO TedQual Readiness Survey
  • Determining government licensing and accreditation requirements
  • Helping higher education institutions determine their capacity to achieve TedQual Certification
  • Strengthening private/ public sector participation in tourism related educational activities
  • Developing online survey templates for alumni, personnel, students and employers.
  • Helping higher education institutions meet international standards of quality, in terms of results realized in each of the processes, sub-processes and procedures.
  • Safeguarding continuous improvement of tourism education, training and research programmes through adherence to a set of minimum quality standards for tourism education.
  • Identifying institutions interested in pursuing collaborative relationships

How will I learn?

This program will be provided via zoom sessions to introduce specific learning topics related to TedQual certification criteria with guest speakers from TedQual certified higher education tourism educational institutions.  These activities would be delivered in 14-sessions scheduled over a 5-month period, which combine the convenience of online, on-demand lessons and the benefits of interactive learner-focused learning, which include:

  • An institutional self-assessment survey to determine readiness to pursue TedQual Certification. Use link for MSW readiness survey
  • Lessons and readings that can be accessed on preparing the TedQual Certification Self- Assessment Report
  • Synchronous live and interactive teachings to enhance learning outcomes through sharing ideas and collaborating with each other

These 14 sessions are organized into 3 key modules.

Module 1 – Planning Activities & Organization Structure

Module 2 – Self-Assessment by Area of Analysis

Module 3 – Implementation Steps

What will I produce?

Learning outcomes for the course are designed to be practical and immediately implementable in your educational institution. For each session, you will complete an assignment based around the weekly theme covered in the online learning sessions. You will utilize the online portal to track and upload these documents. By the end of the 14-session program, it is anticipated that you will have produced the following documents to support your institution’s application for UNWTO TedQual Certification:

  • Completion of UNWTO TedQual Readiness Survey
  • Verification with documentation:
  • the program has taken into consideration the views and needs of future employers of the public and private sector
  • the program has implemented efficient mechanisms for communication and coordination with the student
  • citing the involvement of the program stakeholders in the establishment of program learning outcomes
  • relating to the coherence of the curriculum content and appropriateness of the pedagogical methods
  • the mapping of courses to student outcomes
  • the existence of transparent mechanisms to select the faculty, as well as the appropriateness of working conditions and provisions for professional development
  • the existence of an organizational structure as well as support tools to monitor and strengthen the program’s quality
  • procedures to evaluate the extent to which the Program has embraced the principles of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism
  • Conduct of a SWOT Analysis related to the institutions’ capacity to achieve TedQual Certification
  • Formulation of position descriptions and responsibility matrix
  • Alumni information system / database
  • Benchmarking of universities interested in pursuing collaborative relationships
  • Graduate’s employment performance report
  • Online survey templates for alumni, students, staff and industry partners

Will I have support?

You will receive support and guidance from a team of UNWTO TedQual tourism educational professionals in producing the outputs and ensuring they are effectively implemented in your institution. Through email support, zoom communication, Dropbox for file storage and one-on-one interviews in discussions, our program team will ensure that you have the support you need effectively implement course learnings at your institution.

What else is included in this training program?

UNWTO.TedQual certification offers the following benefits to the Institutions:

  • A unique certification in that it is the only international quality certification issued by UNWTO for higher tourism education, training and research programmes.
  • Privileged use of the UNWTO.TedQual logo on official stationery, promotional materials and documents accrediting the Program.
  • International promotion of the Institution and its programmes through UNWTO’s various communication tools and mechanisms.
  • Inclusion in the UNWTO.TedQual Network – a platform where Institutions share knowledge, good practices and technical support.
  • Strengthening of the institution’s international reputation.
  • Closes gaps between what tourism industry needs and what tourism degree programs offered
  • Upgrading the quality of the tourism industry workforce through professional tourism training/ education which will improve competitive advantage.
  • Coaching for administrators and academic faculty on the Global Code of Ethics
  • Recommendations for engaging the selected higher education programs in the TedQual Exchange and Mentoring Programs.
  • Assistance in exploring support for faculty and student exchanges.

How do I register and when can I start?

Click on the link at the top of this page to register for the program. We ask that at least one institutional representative with English language skills be assigned the responsibility of producing the outputs for this program. For questions, please contact Caecilia He at [email protected]



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