Visitor Interpretive Experience Planning Virtual Training

· September 14, 2020



Dr. David Bucy, the Certified Interpretive Planner Trainer for the National Association for Interpretation in the United States, has been retained to work with local specialists to facilitate developing a Visitor Interpretive Experience Plan for Gori Fortress that will guide creating the interpretive exhibits, tours, and other opportunities for the site. Part of the approach to this type of project used by Dr. Bucy is to teach the planning process to the internal planning team for whatever site is being planned, in this case, the Fortress, so the internal planning team can develop the plan while he engages in the role of facilitator and mentor. To maximize assistance in developing sustainable tourism in Georgia, Dr. Bucy will provide that training not only to members of the internal planning team, but also to others involved with interpretation in Georgia, such as staff at museums, historic sites, and parks. Although Gori Fortress will be used as a case study during the training to help participants gain experience in applying planning concepts and principles to a real-world situation, the process can be applied to any site involved with interpretation, whether for residents or visitors.


This 10-week program trains participants to develop Visitor Interpretive Experience Plans for their sites or facilities, evaluate existing interpretive opportunities, and evaluate suggestions by others regarding visitor experiences. The program is universally applicable for professionals who work at museums, cultural heritage sites, botanical gardens, zoos, aquaria, and anywhere else that offers interpretive opportunities. Those who design interpretive opportunities, such as exhibit designers, will also find this program useful.

Each week features a video, supporting written materials, and an assignment, capped off by a live discussion with the instructor and other participants. The program covers developing interpretive goals and objectives, identifying and profiling target markets, inventorying interpretive features and supporting stories, developing a message hierarchy, evaluating existing and potential interpretive opportunities, developing orientation and wayfinding systems, developing complete information networks to support visitor experiences, and other relevant topics.

Dr. David Bucy, your instructor, has more than 35 years of experience in developing interpretive plans and teaching interpretive planning. He is the Certified Interpretive Planner Trainer for the National Association for Interpretation.

Overview of Virtual Training Program

The training will use a combination of taped videos, written information (accessed through links), live discussions (no more than 2 hours on-line at a time) and assignments to accomplish the following:

  • Gather information for the Gori Fortress Visitor Interpretive Experience Plan (VIEP)
  • Train the Gori Fortress VIEP Working Group
  • Teach participants the planning process and how to apply it to increase the capacity of people in the Republic of Georgia as a whole so they can improve the overall visitor experience at their sites through more effective interpretive opportunities.

See below for the outline of the 10-week Training Program.


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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons
  • 19 Topics